A letter to family

Hello dear family

Thank you for your trust and support for bringing us to this day. We were founded in 2014, but we started in this industry earlier in 2008. With the development of the times, our products are becoming more and more perfect. From the engine to the gearbox, from the body to the interior. We are adhering to a hot heart to do this business, we are dedicated, we strive for excellence. Just to be able to let more people know us, what we do, and our brand.

We are very fortunate to work here, we have many colleagues. We are like brothers and sisters, we are more like a family. We eat together, work together, and discuss issues together. This company gave us a warm home.

By the way, I forgot to tell you its name. It is: Guangzhou Gangji Auto Parts Co., Ltd. And our brand: 720-S. Just like the logo you see on the start page.
Why is it called 720-S?
1. Our service is 720 ° all-round service, let all customers experience the feeling of being a family
2. It took us 720 days to create this brand, which is the result of the labor of all of us
3. After this we will become better, faster and more focused.
4. Our belief: strong, sincere, sunny, sharp, shininessn

We focus on products and more on services. Hope every customer can become our "family".


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  • I can not reach you by phone or e-mail. I purchased a transmission solenoid kit on Amazon sold by you. Every thing look except the EPC solenoid for the kit. The part number for the EPC solenoid is 0 260 130 008 or 8677314, It has Germany on the front face along with the part number. Could you check or search for another possible EPC solenoid that is used on a 2000 Honda Passport or a Isuzu Rodeo. Good you are open for business but your customer service if you let it will close you down. I’m not trying to be facetious but helpful.


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